WordPress Plugin Development 2020 and Proversion for selling
  • Create Proversion plugin for selling
  • Make Front-end type plugin
  • Make Back-end type plugin
  • Creating database table and deleting tables
  • Make Customfield plugin
  • Having “Quiz” so that your sure to understand the creation of the plugin
  • Link to “Code Reference” to understand each plugin functions
  • Now-how of the shortcodes to use it inside the plugin
  • Use ColorPicker to change color
  • How to promote your plugin by using recommended plugin section
  • Introducing shopping site created by WordPress
  • Use Woocomerce for the purchasing website
  • About paypals and stripe for the payments

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  • Basic HTML , CSS , jQuery , PHP
  • WordPress Installation
  • Text Editor of your choice


Hi! “WordPress Plugin Development Course & Proversion for selling” will give you the know-how to create the front-end and the back-end type of plugins. We’ll gonna place “To top button” on the footer section with the color changing and it’s animation speed.

Not only these normal kinds of plugins but we’ll be going to make a proversion plugin for selling. To do that, applying it to the “Official Plugin Directory” is the key. You can promote your plugin by setting the “Recommended Plugin Section”. Thus, your plugin install will increase which concludes to sell your proversion plugins more.

You can easily set the shopping site for the proversion plugin by using WordPress and the Woocomerce plugin. You can set PayPal and credit cards paying for this.

The merit for this plugin creation is that you don’t need to make difficult structured coding. The simple but attractive and useful plugin will increase your installs.
Please have fun with this course, and I’m sure you can create your original plugins and proversions for selling.Who this course is for:

  • WordPress Plugin Creators
  • WordPress Theme Creators
  • PHP Programmers
  • Who want to create provesion and sell your plugin
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Webdesigners
  • Web Developers
  • WordPress Creators
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