100% OFF Java Lambda Expressions And Functional Interfaces

Lambda Expressions came to Java in Java 8, it was one of the major upgrades to Java and has been a major part of the programming language ever since. Lambda Expressions are used to implement Functional Interfaces in Java. A Functional Interface is an Interface with just one Abstract Method. We can also use Method Reference to implement Functional Interfaces.

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In this course, you would learn how to use both Lambda Expressions and Method References to Implement Functional Interfaces. If you are a Java developer, Android developer or even a developer of another similar language, then this course would give you insight and knowledge which are important in your career.

Who this course is for:

  • Java Developers Willing To Learn More About Lambda Expressions.
  • Developers Willing To Learn Modern Java 8+ Features Like Lambda Expressions And Method References.


  • What Functional Interfaces Are In Java Programming.
  • How To Create A Functional Interface.
  • Understand The Functional Interface Java Annotation.
  • How To Implement A Functional Interface With Lambda Expressions.
  • Accepting Arguments With Lambda Expressions.
  • Understand What Variable Capture Is.
  • Implement Functional Interface With Method References.
  • Learn How To Use Instance And Constructor Reference